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An avatar is defined as an icon or figure representing a particular person or organization in computer games, social media, Internet forums, etc. The use of standalone Grand Valley logos and protected trademarks as avatars on social media sites is reserved for use on official university social media accounts and should not be used by individuals or departmental accounts, unless it is a custom avatar created and approved by University Marketing.

See identity standards for social media to learn more and to request a theme or custom avatar.

If you are an official Grand Valley social media administrator, you may use Grand Valley's "Circle G" logomark for social media avatars. Contact University Marketing at [email protected] or (616) 331-2525 to request one for your academic unit.


College of Education Avatar

Existing Grand Valley Conduct Policies


  • Make sure you attribute when you borrow content by tagging relevant accounts
  • Note that Grand Valley logos and names are trademarked, so use appropriately

The following are registered trademarks:

Grand Valley State University®
Grand Valley State®
Louie the Laker®

The following are trademarks:

GVSU Lakers™
Grand Valley State University Lakers™
Grand Valley State Lakers™

The university has additional legal rights in all words, phrases, images, and letters that, when used, give the appearance of a university connection or endorsement including, but not limited to:

Grand Valley



Refrain from making them when representing Grand Valley. See Grand Valley’s Political Activity Policy.



Check with your supervisor to be clear about when and how you should post or respond to posts as a Grand Valley employee from a university account. Social media accounts should be given consistent attention, so it is important to determine your role with the account(s) to ensure success.

Social media users acting on behalf of the university must adhere to all Grand Valley policies and procedures.



Grand Valley encourages freedom of expression and recognizes the value of diverse opinions. However, page administrators have a responsibility to remove comments, images, or other material deemed inflammatory, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate, especially when they appear to threaten the welfare or safety of the poster or others.

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