Internship Learning Objectives

What are learning objectives? 

The internship learning objectives are the academic side of the internship program. You will develop a list of objectives, or goals of what you want to learn while enrolled in the internship program. You will identify this list at the beginning of your internship, and keep the objectives in the back of your mind while you are working. At the end of the internship course you will write a final report addressing each of your learning objectives individually and analyze what you did throughout the internship to meet each goal.

Where do I start? 
Print out the appropriate Internship Learning Objectives checklist below based on your internship area:

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print page. Downloading instructions and information about Adobe Acrobat reader are available at

If your internship covers multiple disciplines, such as MKT and MGT functions, then select the General Business Internship Learning Objectives sheet. You will fill in this sheet by selecting appropriate objectives from the curriculum areas that are specific to your internship. A MGT professor will approve your learning objectives for a BUS internship opportunity. 

Think of your job description as a list of what you will do and the learning objectives as the list of what you want to learn from what you will do. You will be analyzing the learning objectives in essay format in your internship final report.

How do I get my learning objectives approved? 
Once you have developed your appropriate internship learning objective check list, you will need to meet with a Seidman faculty member within your internship discipline area to seek approval. For example, any professor in the Management Department can approve your management learning objectives.  **Each academic department has their own specifications on which faculty members approve the learning objectives, see the final page of the internship packet for further information.**   

The faculty member will look at your internship job description in comparison with your learning objectives to determine whether or not the objectives you have identified are appropriate. The professor may have suggestions for additional objectives you have not considered, or may ask you to edit and/or remove existing objectives. After making the suggested revisions, ask the faculty member to sign your internship learning objectives checklist.

What if I don’t meet one or more of my learning objectives during my internship? 
You should keep your learning objectives in mind while you are working, and may want to meet with your supervisor to discuss your progress throughout the semester. However, we understand that you identify these objectives at the beginning of your internship and will not be penalized for not meeting one or more of your objectives.

Page last modified March 8, 2018