Memory and Concentration


1.  Start where you are

  • Know your attention span and work within it, increase it over time.

2.  Plan to Concentrate

  • Schedule study time, Set study goals. Find internal motivation. Vary activities. Take breaks.

3.  Know your Energy Cycle

  • Study when you have the energy to focus-don’t try to study when you are tired.

4.  Find a Good Study Place

  • Designate a study place; use a study "charm".

5.  Deal with Distractions

  • Internal- hunger, thirst, boredom, worries, anxiety
  • External- phone, roommates, comfort, TV, computer, noise

6.  Deal with recurrent thought distractions- "Thinking Time"

  • Jot down worries, distracting thoughts etc. and deal with them at a scheduled time.

7.  Use Rewards

  • Identify incentives for progress toward your goals, and give yourself a “treat” after you have computed a study goal.



Video from Heritage College

Video from Heritage College

Page last modified March 16, 2020