Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Players and Substitutes

  1. Teams consist of 7 players.
    1. A minimum of 5 players is needed to start a match
  2. Teams must wear the same color shirts
    1. This color will be selected by the team captain at registration
  3. Athletic shoes must be worn
    1. Cleats are allowed


The Game

  1. The winner of the game is the first team to reach 15 goals OR the team that is ahead after 45 minutes of play, whichever comes first.
    1. A three minute break is taken after a team reaches 8 goals
    2. Regular season games will end in ties
      1. During the playoffs, if at the time limit the game is tied, the next team to score shall win.
  2. A goal is scored when a player catches any legal pass in the end zone that player’s team is attacking.
    • If a player's momentum carries them into the end zone, the receiver must return to the point where the disc was caught and continue to play from there.
  3. Moving the disc
    1. The disc is advanced by passing to a teammate in any direction
    2. A player may not run while holding the disc.
    3. Any passed disc that is dropped or incomplete, results in a change of possession at the spot the disc hit the ground.
  4. The game is self-officiated
    1. IM Sports will not provide referees
    2. Players and teams will call their own fouls and violations
  5. The winner of the coin toss (rock-paper-scissors) chooses possession first OR goal to defend
  6. The Pull
    1. The pull is how the game begins, after the intermission and after a goal is scored
    2. Teams must line up in their end zones and cannot cross into the field of play until the disc is released.
    3. Teams switch sides after each goal is scored (the team scored upon moves to the other end of the field for the pull.)
  7. Boundaries
    1. The field will be marked with cones. The lines between the cones are out of bounds
    2. For a catch to be made near the boundary line, the first contact must be inbounds. A player may pivot out of bounds if the pivot foot remains inbounds.
  8. Only one person may guard the thrower; they may not contact the thrower.
    1. If they are within 10 feet of the thrower, the thrower has 10 seconds to throw the disc. This count will be made by the defense.

Page last modified March 21, 2023