Tennis Rules


  1. GVSU IM Sports will provide game tennis balls. Teams may supply their own balls provided the intramural sports staff approve them.
  2. GVSU IM Sports does have extra tennis racquets to check out. You can also use your own tennis racquet.
  3. Players must wear athletic footwear (tennis shoes, cross trainers, etc.). No Crocs, flip-flops, toe shoes, sandals, boots, dress shoes or shoes of the like are allowed during play.
  4. Guards, casts and braces must be covered and protected as defined by the NFHS and GVSU IM Sports.
  5. Hats are permitted. Bandanas with a single knot may be worn

Players and Substitutes

  1. A singles team consists of one (1) player and a doubles team consists of two (2) players.  An exact number of two (2) players are required to start a doubles match. 
  2. There are no substitutions of players allowed during any match.
  3. Open teams have no gender restrictions.

To Determine Who Serves

  1. To determine who serves first, the players will conduct rock-paper-scissors. The winner can select:
    1. To serve or receive service or
    2. The side of the court
  2. The loser takes the remaining choice

The Game

  1. There will be no game officials, only GVSU IM Sports staff. Players and teams will be expected to call their own faults. Any disagreements may be brought to the attention of the staff for a ruling. All staff decisions are final.
  2. Games are self-officiated. All calls are honor calls and should be made by the person making the play on the ball, or their teammate if they have a better angle.
    1. Please be honest and consistent with your calls.
    2. Make scoring calls clear and loud so there is no confusion.
    3. If a shot hits any part of the line then it is in.
    4. Please be honest and if ever uncertain about an in or out call then assume it is in.
    5. Singles matches will only use single side lines for their court. And doubles matches will use the full court using the doubles sidelines.
  3. Every match will play an eight (8) game pro set. Meaning first team to win eight (8) games, will win the match. Ex: 8-5. OR until the time limit of 50 minutes has been reached.
    1. If a match gets tied 7-7, then whoever wins the next game will win the match.
    2. If time expires in the middle of a game, the following rules will apply:
      1. The player/side winning the game when time is called will win that game (even if only by one point).
      2. The player/side winning the set when time is called wins the set & match
      3. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, than whoever wins the next point will win the match:
        1. Whoever is serving next will be the team to serve
        2. Whoever is returning next, will be able to choose which side the opposing team serves from
  4. There will be “No-Ad” scoring (love, 15, 30, 40, deuce, winner).
    1. If it comes to deuce, the team that is not serving will pick which side they want their opponent to serve from, and then the winner of that point will win the game.
    2. Four points wins a game (games must be won by two or more points).
  5. End the Game
    1. After sets have concluded, it is the responsibility of BOTH team captains to report the final score and sportsmanship rating to the Intramural Supervisor. If captains fail to do so, the end result will be recorded as a Double Forfeit.

Page last modified March 21, 2023