Ravines Center

OA headquarters on a sunny day with 3 tents in the lawn


This building serves as the budding headquarters to the Recreation & Wellness department's Outdoor Adventures (OA) program. The majority of OA programs and services that aren't climbing related, are based here. The building is also commonly known for our co-resident, the Student Mail & Package center which occupies 1/2 of the building.

What We Offer

The following OA services are offered at the Ravines Center:

  • Outdoor Gear Rental (essential backpacking/ camping gear)
  • Bike Maintenance
  • Meeting location for select programs & workshops
Fun Fact

This building once served as the community center for the Ravines Apartments which surrounded the parking lot, some of the first on-campus housing units at GVSU. In 2016 the apartments were demolished but the community center was kept as the new home of the growing OA program.

Where to Find Us

The Ravines Center is located on the north end of the Allendale campus, across from the tennis courts and near the football stadium.

Parking - Lots B1 & B2 require a student commuter, resident, or faculty/ staff parking permit. However, as an accommodation to the students visiting to pickup packages, there are a handful of 15 minute spaces in front of the building. These may also be used for rental gear pick up/ drop off.

map snipped of Ravines Center location

Page last modified November 22, 2022