Bicycle Maintenance

General Diagnostics & Maintenance Skills

Outdoor Adventures hosts a variety of programs and events around campus offering diagnostics for bicycle issues, basic maintenance workshops, and once in a great while has been known to offer free tune-ups. Please check the OA Events Calendar for any upcoming programs.

2 staff working on bikes outside

Maintenance by Appointment

NEW THIS YEAR! In lieu of a staffed maintenance area, starting Fall 2023 we're offering maintenance by appointment with our shop mechanic to GVSU students, faculty and staff. Diagnostic and basic adjustments are free of charge. We do stock a small supply of free used parts in addition to basic new parts for a fee (brake pads, cable, chain, tubes, & tires). Work performed will depend on the available tools and parts as well as the mechanic's level of training.

Typical maintenance available

  • Flat repair/ tube replacement
  • Brake adjustment/ pad replacement (rim style only)
  • Cable replacement
  • Chain replacement
  • Shifter adjustments


It's ideal if you can bring your bike to the Ravines Center since we will have a biggest selection of tools and parts available to perform the work. In extreme cases, we can  come to you but the tool selection will be limited and it may require additional time to perform the work if we have to return to the shop for additional tools or parts.

Appointments must be made at least 24 hours ahead of time and are available up to 30 days in advance.

Book An Appointment

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Self-Service Maintenance Area

A well maintained bicycle is not only safer, more reliable, & longer lasting. It's more fun to ride! 

Outdoor Adventures oversees a self-service maintenance area at the Ravines Center with 2 bike stands and an assortment of tools for making most minor repairs. Help yourself to any of the used parts in the room!

Maintenance Area Expectations

before you start work.

Return the tools and unused parts to their appropriate home before leaving.

Recycle as much as possible.

Sharing is caring.

Leave your work area at least as clean as you found it.

Your bike leaves when you do, whether you're done with it or not. If you're not done working on it, please lock it to the rack outside the building.

Getting Started

Step 1

We need to know the extent to which the space is being used. Scan the QR code on the entryway sign to tell us what brought you in.

Step 2
Access the Tools

Tools are stored in a locker located in the maintenance room. How to access them is explained on the Thank You page of the Check-In form.

Step 3
Do the Work

We have a variety maintenance books and QR links to online tutorials to help you diagnose and repair your bike. Help yourself to the assortment of used parts available. Additional tools and a variety of new parts (for purchase) are available with advanced coordination. Email Joe Bitely,[email protected] for assistance.

Step 4
Clean Up

Please pickup after yourself when you are done with your work. This includes recycling old parts and wiping down your work area. Place the tools back in the locker to help prevent them from growing legs. 

Tool Kit List

Adjustable Wrench
Air Pump
Combination Wrench - 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, & 15mm
Chain Breaker Tool
Hex Wrenches - 1.5mm - 8mm
Screwdriver, Phillips Head (X)
Spoke Wrench - sizes 0, 1, 2
Tire Levers (2)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I work on my bike?
    A: The space is available any time the Mail/ Package operation is open. Please be mindful of their closing times.

  2. I'm not a mechanic, how will I know what to do?
    A: In the maintenance area we have posted QR codes to videos related to common bike problems. There are also 2 bicycle maintenance manuals on the workbench. Additional step-by-step videos can be found online.
  3. Where are the tools?
    The tool kit and air pump are stored in a locker within the maintenance area. Instructions for accessing them is given on the Thank You page of our online check-in form.
  4. What do I do if the building closes or I need to leave before I'm done working on my bike?
    A: Unfortunately, your bike needs to leave when you do. It doesn't need to go home but it can't stay here. We recommend locking it to the rack on the side of the building.
  5. My tires have a presta valve. Can the air pump accommodate that? 
    A: Yes! the pump available with the basic tool kit is adaptable. The rubber insert in the nozzle's head must be flipped over for presta valve use. 
Bike Maintenance at Farmers Market 2019

The Allendale & Pew Campuses have a variety of amenities to support your biking needs.

  • Allendale Campus Dero Fixit Station - Located at the covered bike racks between Stafford & Swanson Living Centers. Each station contains basic tools, repair stand, air pump, & QR code that will open a series of instructional maintenance videos on your phone!
  • Pew Campus Dero Fixit Stations - Each station contains basic tools, repair stand, air pump, & QR code that will open a series of instructional maintenance videos on your phone!
  • Compressed Air - The Connection (east side of building) & South Utilities Building (north side of building). 
    Note: Pumps provide pressure up to 80 psi and do not have a gauge. This pressure will over-inflate most bike's tires and can lead to ruptured tubes (i.e. flats). Pumps require an adapter for Presta valves which can be purchased at any local bike shop.
  • Showers - Located inside the Recreation Center
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Local Bike Repair

There are many stellar bike shops in the Grand Rapids area. However there are two that standout near campus for your bike repair needs.

Village Bike & Fitness

  • Located ~8 miles SE from campus in Jenison. 
  • This is the closest option to campus but only practical if you have access to a personal vehicle to transport your bike. 

Freewheeler Bike Shop

  • Located ~12.5 miles East of campus in Grand Rapids. 
  • This is an ideal option if traveling by bus is your only option. By bus from Allendale, take the 50 to the Standale Meijer.
  • Transfer to the 7 (West Leonard) and get off at either the Tamarack or Fremont stops.
  • Freewheeler will be on the north side of the road between the two stops.

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