Bring Your Own Beta (BYOB) Bouldering Competition

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About the Competition

Kicking off after our wall was constructed in 1997, this competition is as much, if not more about having some good times with friends and the climbing community as anything else. It's a great event for those who are new to competing. Our competition follows a redpoint format where problems must be climbed from start to finish without falling. As many attempts as desired can be made on each climb but a point deduction will be factored into your score for each fall. The harder the climb, the more points you get for completing it. At the end of the block of open competition climbing, scores for the 4 hardest climbs completed will be tallied and the top 3 competitors in each category will climb against each other on a special finals route to crown the champion of that category.

Categories:  Recreational (V0-V2), Intermediate (V3-V5), or Advanced (V6+).  

Date: Always on a Saturday, the date varies slightly each year. We shoot for sometime after Fall Break (mid-October) but before Thanksgiving (mid-November) and try to avoid days with home football (affects parking). 

Spectators are welcome to watch the competition at no cost. 

2024 REGISTRATION - Unavailable at this time

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Competition Results

*Point values listed reflect only the open climb scores. Final results are based on the finals round competition.


2023 Event Supporters

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