OA Scavenger Hunts

Created for the GVSU Community! 

For these unique hunts, we've hidden a variety of QR codes around the Allendale campus. Each code leads you to online content that we put together pertaining to a (usually) outdoor theme.

  • This hunt is designed to be done in a sequential order where the next location will only be given to you in the content for the previous. 


Hunt #1 Details

Fall 2020 Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Hunt #1

Theme: Best Outdoor Spaces - Allendale Campus

This scavenger hunt is all about showcasing our favorite outdoor locations around the Allendale campus. At each location you will be looking for a small business card sized QR code that you will need to scan with your phone. Each link will have the following information:

  1. A brief description of the location as well as why we like it.
  2. A life lesson from outdoor pursuits to help guide you during your time here at GVSU.
  3. Directions to your next location.

Number of Locations: 6

Dist./ Time to Complete
~1.5 miles from start to finish/ 45-60 minutes

What You'll Need

  • A device capable of scanning QR Codes (e.g. smart phone)
  • Water bottle (encouraged)

Important Notes About This Hunt

  • One of the stations involves being inside the library which means you will only be able to complete this hunt during their hours of operation.
  • Each QR code is on a 2" x 3" magnet. Thus they will only be placed on metallic objects.
  • Magnets are placed in semi-hidden locations to minimize tampering by those not participating in the hunt. Feel free to move the magnets to scan them but for everyone's continued enjoyment, please replace them in exactly the same spot that you found them.
  • We recommend printing an Allendale Campus Map before starting to help you find your way to/ from each location.



Overlooking Tower Trails meadow

What You Are Looking For

Scavenger Hunt QR Code Example

It's about the size of a business card but not always going to be black and white.

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