OA Scavenger Hunts

Open to students, faculty, and staff! 

For these unique hunts, we've hidden a variety of QR codes around the Allendale campus. Each code leads you to online content that we put together pertaining to a (usually) outdoor theme.

  • The hunt is designed to be done in a sequential order where the next location will only be given to you in the content for the previous. 
  • Our intent is to update the course with new locations & new themes every couple weeks for your continued enjoyment. Must register for each individual hunt. 


Hunt #2 Details & Registration 

Fall 2020 Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Hunt #2

Theme: Outdoor Workout

Hunt 2 is about increasing your physical fitness. Enjoying the outdoors is easier when it doesn't feel like work. Putting in a little effort on the front-end will help make your next adventure feel like a breeze. Not to mention all the other benefits you'll get from activity such as increased focus and lower stress levels. We feel the opposite of this is also true. The natural beauty of the outdoors can make your workout much more enjoyable. For this you will be taken on a tour of the Tower Trails located on the southwest side of the Allendale campus. Each location will provide you a different exercise that can be modified to fit your fitness level. Starting with a warm up at the 1st location, visit each one for a full-body workout designed by our Fitness & Wellness Staff.

Thursday, October 1 - Sunday, October 25

Number of Locations: 9

Dist./ Time to Complete
~1.5 miles/ 45-60 minutes

What You'll Need

  • A weighted backpack (add books, waterbottles, actual weights, etc...)
  • A device capable of scanning QR Codes (e.g. smart phone)
  • Water bottle



Overlooking Tower Trails meadow


None of the QR codes require leaving the trail. Upon registration, you will be provided a map with exactly where to find each one.

For everyone's continued enjoyment, please do not take or move any of the QR codes.

What You Are Looking For

Scavenger Hunt QR Code Example

It's about the size of a business card but not always going to be black and white.


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Scavenger Hunt 2 Registration

  • Open to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Must register for each individual hunt.
  • Due to the physical nature of this activity, a waiver is required as part of the registration process. As always, please consult with a physician if you are unsure if physical activity is appropriate for you.
  • An email confirmation will automatically be sent to you containing instructions for finding the first location as well as additional details pertinent to the hunt.

Next Hunt

Theme: TBD

coming soon

Available Dates:

Number of Locations: --

Dist./ Time to Complete

What You'll Need

  • A device capable of scanning QR Codes (e.g. smart phone)
  • Water bottle