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Meghan Pynnonen

Meghan Pynnonen

"I did not prioritize my own health and wellness until I was in my mid-twenties. I lacked motivation and my confidence suffered due to a lack in physical activity. I slowly found various exercises that I personally found enjoyable and my life started to change for the better. Once I prioritized exercise, my overall attitude and mental health and wellness began to change. I have stuck to a healthy lifestyle for over ten years and will never go back. For me, it is important that I try various programs and activities in order to stay motivated.

I participate in RecWell programs, utilize the GVSU Recreation Center, and swim laps in the GVSU pool in order to remain the best version of myself. I feel that I am a better coworker, friend, mom, etc. when I dedicate a small portion of each and every day to my own personal wellness.

Utilizing the facilities and services offered at GVSU helps me to remain positive in my work each and every day. As a GVSU staff member, I believe having a positive attitude is an essential trait as I am interacting with numerous students, faculty, staff, and community members daily. It is a trait that I hope impacts the individuals around me."

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