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Allie Goeddeke

Allie Goeddeke

"As a student, the Group Exercise classes through Campus Recreation at GVSU really allowed me to discover a way of exercising that was fun for me. I have always struggled with the motivation to drag myself to the gym. However, through a variety of group classes (zumba, yoga, TRX), I was able to find something that had me excited about exercising with friends. I had such a great experience with the group classes as a student, that this is something I plan to continue now that I am a staff member at Grand Valley. Participation in Campus Rec programs provide me the opportunity to make exercising fun! Every week I looked forward to attending a variety of exercise classes with my friends. Not only did it give us the opportunity to get moving, but we had a blast doing it. Through the group exercise program, Campus Rec has had a very positive experience on my GVSU experience. The facilities are wonderful, and it provides me the chance to relieve stress with my friends."

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