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Jeremy and Katie Hepner

Jeremy and Katie Hepner

What did you study at GVSU?

I [Katie] studied Graphic Design, and Jeremy studied Natural Resource Management.

Can you share your story of meeting at GVSU and the Climbing Center?

Jeremy and I met through a mutual friend our sophomore year at Grand Valley playing Intramural Soccer. He was Jeremy's roommate Freshman year and I actually went to high school with him. Jeremy and I didn't really get to know each other until fall of our junior year when we played Intramural Ultimate Frisbee together. Through all of the Intramural Sports and rock climbing, we became best friends really quickly, which ultimately lead to us dating and then getting married last September [2017]!

Would you say that any of your experience with the Outdoor Adventures program (Climbing Center, etc) prepared you for this adventure, or helped you make the decision to take it?

The Climbing Center definitely helped inspire us to take this trip. It also gave us the skills we need to rock climb, which is also a big part of this adventure.

Can you explain what IN HIS ELEMENT is all about?

HIS = God and ELEMENT = all of his creations. Aside from the climbing, a huge part of this trip is to experience all that God created for us so we wanted to make sure that our blog and Instagram represented that.

Such a cool adventure you’re on! What made you decide to take this adventure?

We've always wanted to travel and explore what's out there so we thought why not start with the United States. We also wanted to take this trip sooner rather than later because we aren't really tied to anything right now. 

Did you quit your jobs?  

We did quit our "9-5" jobs for this trip but because I am a graphic designer, I have been able to pick up some freelance work here and there! 

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