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Marie Schneider

Marie Schneider

What was your role(s), and how long were you employed with GVSU Recreation?

I worked in the Climbing Center both as a staff member and then as the Climbing Center manager.  I am pretty sure that I worked there from 2002 through 2005.  

What do you remember most about your experience with GVSU Recreation?  

Working at the Climbing Center was extremely fun! I remember working a ton of crazy hours to set up for climbing competitions or working the high school all night parties in the spring.  We'd be in class all day and work at the climbing center all night.  There were many, many close friendships formed at the climbing center and even marriage proposals!  I am still very close friends with many of my coworkers. Just this summer, we took our families climbing in Colorado together and it was great to see our kids enjoying the sport as much as we did and still do!  I also loved setting up new programs at the Climbing Center such as the Youth Climbing Team and the Women's Climbing Club. 

What do you do now?

I am a Consulting Manager with Workday, Inc. which is a cloud software solution for HR, Payroll and Finance operations.  While at GVSU, I also worked in the payroll office as a student worker.  That job has directly led me in to my current profession that I love!

Did your experience with GVSU Recreation prepare you for your position now?

Yes! My manager job at the Climbing Center was my first time managing other workers.  I have had many management roles in my career and often think back to some of my first employees. 

What would be your biggest piece of advice to student staff within Recreation?  

Never settle nor underestimate yourself!! Your job that you have now may seem insignificant, but there are lessons to be learned around you every day.  Pay attention to the people you interact with, both the customers and your teammates. 

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