GVSU Campus Recreation Releases 2017-18 Annual Report

August 10, 2018

GVSU Campus Recreation Releases 2017-18 Annual Report


Highlighted by its commitment to inclusion and wellness, Campus Recreation has released its 2017-18 Annual Report. The 23-page report informs students, staff and alumni about the programming and student development facilitated by the department and how it impacted the GVSU community, including being a part the experience of 74% of first year undergrad students at the university.

Campus Recreation includes fitness and wellness services, intramural sports, outdoor adventures, and club sports. All of these programs are guided by the department mission of “providing inclusive and diverse recreational opportunities that inspire participation, promote health and wellbeing and encourage student development and success.”

“We continued to support student success through diverse and inclusive recreational opportunities,” Director Kate Harmon said in a statement.

Among the top stats provided in the report are the participation numbers for each program. In group exercise, 2,116 pass holders broke a sweat over 11,000 times during the academic year. That includes attending student-led classes, such as Spin®, yoga, and Zumba®. Intramural sports hosted 2,303 games with nearly 3,800 student participants. Over 5,000 people climbed the wall in the Climbing Center. Three club sports teams claimed national championships for a program that in the 99th percentile in the country for program size. No matter what a person likes to do, Campus Recreation had something for them in 2017-18.

“Campus Recreation consistently delivers programs and services that cultivate improved student wellbeing, while providing something for everyone,” Harmon stated.

Diversity education and inclusive recreation offerings were top priorities for the department. According to the report, staff improved their cultural competence through staff trainings. The department facilitated all-gender divisions for both 5K races and offered open, all-gender leagues in intramural sports. Fitness and wellness programs can also be developed for participants at all ability levels. The department’s inclusion statement says, in part, it is “committed and welcoming to a culture of inclusion, in which we provide recreational programs and services that are accessible and equitable to the community.”

Student development is one of the department’s core values. As one of the largest employers of students on campus, with 142 student staff during 2017-18, Campus Recreation provides critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and time management that develop valuable work skills for students when they graduate. The department also offered 15 unpaid internships in fitness and marketing. The commitment to student learning and development is just as important as the programs offered.

“Student employees are Campus Recreation. Our students help shape the GVSU community each and every day,” Harmon said. “The countless hours of mentoring and training increase intellectual and occupational wellness.”

The report also includes participant stories, student recognition, and numerous stats and figures about Campus Recreation. Campus Recreation invites everyone to get involved, be active and live healthy! For more information, visit


If you want to learn more about club sports and its impact on the campus community, watch this video.

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