Kickball Rules

NFHS Softball rules shall apply to all games, except any of the following adaptations. 

Players and Substitutes

  1. 6 players minimum to start a game.
  2. 8 players maximum can play the field
  3. There is no set lineup. A maximum of 8 players will kick each half inning; with each player only kicking once. The kicking order may change each inning. The 8th kicker must declare to the umpire that they are the “last kicker”
  4. Any eight players can play in the field. A person does not have kick and play the field.
  5. The offensive team will pitch to their kickers. The pitcher has no defensive responsibilities.
    • If the pitcher is one of the 8 kickers, they may kick and have another teammate pitch for them.


The Game

  1. The game shall consist of 7 innings or a 45 minute time limit, whichever comes first.
  2. A new inning shall not begin after the time limit, but an inning already started will be finished. Games will end in a tie during the regular season.
  3. A half inning will be completed if (1) three outs are achieved OR (2) 8 players have kicked
  4. Kickers receive a maximum three pitches. If the kicker does not put the ball in play within three pitches, they are out.
    1. If the kicker kicks their third pitch foul, they are out. 
  5. The batter must remain behind the front edge of the batter's box when the ball is kicked or the batter is out.
  6. Players may not bunt kick. The ball must travel past the 12 yard line.
  7. The mercy rule comes into play when the team at bat no longer has a chance to score enough runs to win the game.
    1. Mercy rule example: Bottom the 6th inning. Visitors are up 18-8. The home team must score 2 runs or more in the inning for the game to continue.
    2. Mercy rule example: Bottom of the 6th inning. Home team is up 10-4. Once the home team scores their 3rd run, the game is over.

Base Running

  1. Base runner(s) may leave their base when a pitch is kicked. There is no stealing.
  2. There are no overthrows. All areas are in play.
  3. No pinch runners, unless the runner is clearly injured and may not safely run the bases. A courtesy runner may be used, if announced before the first pitch to the next batter. If there is no courtesy runner available, the player that made the last out may take the place of the injured runner.

Page last modified March 21, 2023