Group Exercise Event Staff

Currently accepting applications.

Responsible for facilitating group exercise classes and other Recreation & Wellness events. This position reports to the Fitness & Wellness Program Coordinator.

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Start Date: Fall 2020

Duration: Academic year or until graduation

Hours: Varies, 4-12 hours/ week depending on availability.

Location: Recreation Center Fieldhouse, On-campus Living Centers


  • Prefer fitness facility experience.
  • Must be CPR and First Aid certified
  • Prefer sophomore or junior level students, but not required.
  • Must have previous experience with successful supervision.
  • Must have excellent verbal and interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and attention to detail.
  • Must have a strong work ethic.


  • Appearance must be clean, neat and professional.


  • Follow all Recreation & Wellness department policies.
  • Set up and monitor facilities.
  • Supervise classes
  • Check passes
  • Implement policies
  • Handle customer service issues
  • Inventory and maintenance of equipment
  • Other duties as assigned

Student Wage Rates


Step A

Step B

Step C

Step D






  • Students become eligible for a step increase after two semesters of employment with the same department at the department’s discretion.
  • A student’s performance evaluation will be the tool used in the determination of a step increase.
  • Student’s hours must be entered into UltraTime by 5p the Friday before Payroll is due.

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