Group Exercise Class Descriptions & Locations

pass is required for all classes, unless otherwise noted on the schedule. Single Class Passes are not available. Passes are available for purchase to students, faculty, staff, and GVSU alumni who have a current fieldhouse membership.

Our instructors are able to teach to all fitness levels, therefore, all class formats are designed to meet the needs of beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants.

All class formats are 45-minutes unless otherwise indicated.

Our certified instructors offer effective and safe workouts in a fun, friendly, and social atmosphere. Participants can improve their fitness, experience the GVSU community, and manage stress in a positive way. 

All classes are on a drop-in basis; first-come, first-served with the exception of Bootcamp, Strength 101, SPIN®, and TRX® classes which require you to sign up for a spot.

Class Descriptions

Express (30 minute)

An express class that will get your core muscles burning. Expect something different and creative every week!

Strengthen your guts, glutes, and guns by utilizing body weight with this combined cardio and strength workout.


This fusion class will raise your heart rate with kickboxing combos, then build and tone your muscles using Barre movements. 

A combo class that consists of a quick and high intensity SPIN® ride, followed by core work!

Works all the major muscle groups in your body with strength training, while including an enjoyable ride for all fitness levels can enjoy!

Create a unique workout using TRX® straps through strength exercises and yoga poses to increase mobility and strength.

Move to the Beat

Drum to the beat in this energetic class that includes strength, cardio, core, and more!

Experience a fusion of all music genres through lightly choreographed moves that allow you to add your own flare.

A Latin and hip-hop inspired class that is a dynamic and exciting way to train the whole body. Features aerobic, interval, and toning techniques.

Mind & Body

A fusion of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Tone and strengthen your body through low impact movements.

Find a balance at the start of your week in this basic flow class. Let the stress of the week disappear as you step onto your mat to give some love to your mind and body.

Uses low-moderate impact movements to strengthen your core and develop control as you build endurance, coordination, and balance.   

Energize your body with this strength-based practice and build your endurance and flexibility, while detoxifying your body and quieting your mind. 

A relaxing and nourishing practice combining gentle and deep restorative work. Improve range of motion and joint mobility, while reducing pain and the effects of stress.

Move through gentle flows that release tension and stress. Give yourself time to unwind and give your mind and body the attention it needs. 

Breathe deeply and experience an energizing flow sequence with emphasis on strength, balance, alignment, along with breathing techniques.  

A flowing, dynamic yoga practice that cultivates presence by connecting movement with breath. Build strength and aid balance, while reducing stress and increasing vitality.  

A moving sequence of floor poses held longer inviting a deeper stretch into the connective tissue around the joints and soothing the layers of fascia within the body.


Involves increasing and decreasing the heart rate by following periods of intense activity with active recovery. 

Learn about proper bike set-up, intensity, cadence, and riding safely. This class is not required to attend other SPIN® classes. *Replaced by Low Intensity SPIN® halfway after 6 weeks.

If you’re new to SPIN®, beginning or returning to an exercise program or just looking for a lower intensity, non-impact workout, this class is for you. *Replaces Intro SPIN® after 6 weeks.

Take a ride on your SPIN® bike though hills, flats, and intervals to create a fun cardiovascular workout. Classes can range from strength, interval, to endurance! 

Develop the lower body muscles and challenge the cardiovascular system to promote power. Ideal for those becoming a stronger rider.

Strength & Cardio

In this ever-changing format, expect strength, cardio, agility, and endurance work to improve overall fitness.

Strengthen your guts, glutes, and guns by utilizing body weight with this combined cardio and strength workout.

High Intensity Interval Training uses quick bursts of movement followed by rest to create an afterburn so your body keeps using energy even after you stop training.

A cardio and strength-based class that trains and tones your upper and lower body. Expect kicks, punches, and drills. 

Take a mid-day break with some cardio and strength circuits that will work your whole body.  

A combination of Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet components. The always-changing format is challenging and never boring!

Learn proper form while challenging yourself through learning the basics of strength training and weightlifting.

Muscle endurance training to build sculpted lean muscle and strengthen your knowledge for proper weight lifting form.

Build your core, tone your body, and work on your flexibility and balance by using your body weight against gravity. Learn hundreds of exercises!

Utilizes movements from kickboxing, boxing, and hip hop style. A fast paced, high-energy class that is pre-choreographed and will keep you coming back for more!

Class Locations

Fieldhouse/Recreation Center Locations

Dance Studio - FH 60

Enter the Rec Center near Welcome Desk B (closest to the pool, furthest from Parking Lot F), and turn right. Pass the vending machines, and the Dance Studio will be the room on the right before the hallway splits. Look for the room with a blue door and frosted glass windows.

Instructional Fitness Studio (IFS) - D030

Enter the Rec Center near Welcome Desk A (near the glass walls, closest to Parking Lot F). Continue down the steps to the left, then make a right U-turn at the bottom of the steps. The IFS will be straight ahead with double wood doors.

Weight Room - B009

Enter the Rec Center near Welcome Desk B (closest to the pool, furthest from Parking Lot F), and turn right. Before you pass the vending machines, turn right into the hallway, then through the door to the stairs. Go down 2 flights of stairs, then turn right. Once you pass the racquetball courts, veer right at the fork and the door will be right there.

Kelly Family Sports Center

Multipurpose Room

The KTB is behind the Rec Center, directly next to the Baseball Field and the Sand Volleyball Courts. It has a white roof.  Once you enter and scan your GV ID, go down the stairs, and turn left. Fitness & Wellness classes are held in the Multipurpose Room, which will be on your right.

Housing Locations

Niemeyer (NMR) – Multipurpose Room

NMR is located on South Campus, near the Connection and across from Lake Ontario Hall.  Enter in the main doors by the circle drive, and follow the curved hallway straight after entering. The Multipurpose Room is the large area in the back with the fireplace.

Holton Hooker Living Center (HHLC) – Multipurpose Room

HHLC is located behind Fuel, Fresh Foods, and Mackinac Hall (MAC). Enter by Einstein’s Bagels, and turn right immediately to find the Multipurpose Room.

Cook-Devos Health Sciences (CHS)

Group Exercise classes typically occur in CHS Room 357, but be sure to check the signs around the building and at the Front Desk for location changes.