Undergraduate Program Descriptions

Students should plan their studies in consultation with an academic advisor early in and throughout their college career. Students major in psychology for various reasons, and different sets of courses are likely to be appropriate for students with different goals. While some psychology courses are offered intermittently as evening courses, these are not sufficient in number or variety for completing the Psychology programs, so students should plan their schedules accordingly.

Psychological scientists specialize in many different areas, such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, developmental psychology, physiological psychology, neuropsychology, industrial/organizational psychology, educational psychology, experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and cross-cultural psychology. Because the interests and training of the faculty members in the department cover all of these areas, we offer a wide range of courses in the undergraduate curriculum.

Student Learning Outcomes

MACRAO/MTA Transfer Agreement - The Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers [MACRAO] Transfer Agreement and the Michigan Transfer Agreement [MTA] is designed to facilitate transfer from community colleges to baccalaureate colleges and universities.

Choosing a BA or BS Degree

Students with this choice often ask which degree (BA or BS) will look better on their résumé as they go into the job search after graduation. If you have the choice between a BS or a BA, it is helpful to understand the requirements of both.

Suggested Order of Coursework for a Major in Psychology (B.A. or B.S.) - This option assumes students will complete the required general education courses and select electives with the help of his or her advisor.

Internships - PSY 490 Practicum

Click here to learn more about Psychology 490 Practicum. 

Related Programs

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