Suggested Order of Coursework for a Major in Psychology (B.A. or B.S.)

Students may choose either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology. The BA requires a third semester proficiency in a foreign language, while the BS requires, in this order:  STA 215, PSY 300 and PSY 400.


First Year – At least 30 credit hours

  • WRT 150 (Gen Ed course and pre-req for PSY 300) and/or MTH 110 (pre-req for STA 215), if needed
  • General Education courses
  • PSY 101 – Introductory Psychology  Credits: 3
  • STA 215 – Introductory Applied Statistics Credits: 3 (Can be taken first semester, second year)
  • If choosing B.A. - Foreign language 101, 102, or appropriate level based on placement
  • One General Education Social and Behavioral Science course from a discipline other than psychology

Second Year - At least 30 credit hours

  • STA 215, if not taken previously  Credits: 3
  • PSY 300 – Research  Methods in Psychology (SWS)  Credits: 3
  • PSY 350 – Psychology Research and Data Applications Credits: 3 (Can be taken first semester, third year)
  • Two or three psychology courses chosen from different categories in the major
  • General Education courses
  • If choosing B.A. - Foreign language to complete the B.A. requirement
  • Elective courses to explore possible minors, if desired

Third Year- At least 30 credit hours

  • PSY 350, if not taken previously Credits: 3
  • Four psychology courses chosen from remaining categories and psychology electives (Only 2 psychology electives are required in the major.)
  • Completion of general education courses (Issues, and Supplemental Writing Skills (SWS) course, if needed)
  • Relevant electives or courses toward a minor, if chosen
  • PSY 399 - Independent Readings, PSY 499*- Independent Study and Research if desired
  • PSY 490 – Practicum, if desired
  • Study abroad, if desired

Fourth Year- At least 30 credit hours

  • PSY 400 – Advanced Research in Psychology (can be taken in third year if PSY 300 has been completed)
  • PSY 492 – Advanced General (Capstone)
  • PSY 490 – Practicum, if desired
  • PSY 499* – Independent Study and  Research, if desired
  • Any remaining major or university requirements, and  relevant electives

The flexibility in course selection makes it important for students to seek the advice of a faculty member in the department when choosing courses to fit their specific needs, interests and career plans. No sample curriculum will be appropriate for everyone, although these general guidelines should be helpful to nearly everyone.

*For those planning to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology, research experience is crucial. At least one year of research experience is highly recommended. PSY 499 is just one way to gain research experience. Consult with you faculty advisor to plan the types of research experience that would be most relevant to you.


** For those planning to pursue employment directly after graduation or continuing for a masters of social work degree, practical field experience can be very valuable.

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