Student Guidance for Experiential Education

General Guidelines for All Students:

This guidance is provided for credit bearing experiences but may also be applicable to non-credit bearing experiences (e.g., volunteer hours for program application, job shadowing, clinical observations). For  questions specific to your experience contact your program director, or faculty internship coordinator/advisor. Decisions will be made at College/Program level, taking into account program requirements and accreditation adaptations. Please also refer to the GVSU COVID-19 website: for further guidance.

What to Expect When Completing Internships/Co-Ops/Clinicals/Field Experiences

Your personal safety is the most important- Take care of yourself first and follow the CDC guidelines to prevent illness:

Might have to provide own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Might have to take your temperature or have your temperature taken on-site

Follow site-based health and safety rules/expectations

Different rules may apply during a Pandemic around HIPAA (Privacy Health Law)- you may be required to share information about your personal health with individuals at your site or with program director, faculty internship coordinator/advisor

Examples of questions you may be asked:            

  1. Have you been within 6 ft. of someone with COVID-19, or COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days?
  2. Have you recently developed a cough?
  3. Have you recently developed shortness of breath?
  4. Have you recently developed a new onset of any TWO or more of the following symptoms?
    1.  Fever of 100.4°F or 38°C or greater
    2. Extreme tiredness (fatigue)
    3. Chills or shakes with chills
    4. Sore throat
    5. Headache
    6. Muscle Aches
    7. Loss of sense of taste and/or smell
    8. Have you traveled?
    9. Have you been in contact with someone who has been exposed?

If your temperature is over 100.4ºF, or you answer “Yes” to the above questions, notify your supervisor, return home and contact your health care provider for further guidance.

Student Experiential Education FAQs

A. GVSU Professor Overseeing Course (if experience is part of a course)
GVSU Internship Coordinator
List of Internship coordinators
GVSU Field Supervisor/Internship Supervisor
GVSU Clinical Site Director

A. GVSU Graduate Program Director
GVSU Professor Overseeing Course (if experience is part of a course)
GVSU Clinical Site Director
GVSU Field Director

A. Please work with your Program Director and/or your academic advisor for individual information.

Page last modified July 1, 2021