Personnel, Salary, Evaluation and Related Links

To support on-going conversations during 2021-22 about personnel, salary, evaluation, and related policy matters, the Office of the Provost has created this page of relevant links.

Faculty Personnel Actions Workbook
This Workbook provides details on faculty personnel actions including contract renewal, tenure, and promotion.  Links to policy, as well as a timeline, procedures, and sample templates are provided.

Workload and Annual Evaluation Workbook
This Workbook reviews details of the faculty workload and annual evaluation processes.  Links to policy, as well as a timeline, procedures, and sample templates are provided.

Faculty Salary Adjustment Program
From the Regular Faculty Handbook.

Addressing Salary and/or Title Questions
Protocols from Human Resources.

Definition of Effective Teaching
See Section D.  Added to the Regular Faculty Handbook in 2020.

Process to redact inappropriate written comments from LIFT reports
See Section 6.2 of the LIFT Workbook.

Short LIFT videos to share with students before they complete the LIFT surveys
From the LIFT website.

2019 LIFT Management Committee Report
Comparing the Colleges at GVSU based on LIFT data collected in the calendar years 2016 and 2017.

College and Unit Personnel Review Documents
All college and unit personnel standards documents that have been approved and are in effect are available.

Protocols and Details -- unit personnel meetings
Includes guidelines for virtual personnel meetings.

Time off and leaves (including maternity leave)
Current information from Human Resources.

GVSU Policies Website
Repository of Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership Team, and Shared Governance policies. Includes the Regular Faculty Handbook and the Affiliate Faculty Handbook.

Please send any questions about this page, including suggestions for other links to include, to Ed Aboufadel, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Page last modified October 8, 2021