Compensation Information

Compensation Philosophy

The objective of the University's compensation program is to attract, retain, motivate and reward faculty and staff fairly, equitably and competitively. The University is committed to fair and equitable compensation that compliments the responsibilities of the position and the performance of the incumbents.

Compensation rates for Faculty and Executive, Administrative and Professional (EAP) positions are set based on (1) market data for similar positions within local, regional and/or national markets, (2) sensitivity to internal equity and (3) available fiscal resources. The market data is updated on a regular basis.

Market ranges for EAP positions are set at 80-120% of the market average for each position. The minimum rate will normally apply to new staff possessing qualifications not significantly greater than the minimum required. Salaries above the maximum must be justified in writing by the appointing officer and approved by Human Resources.

Staff members may review current market data for their position from the Compensation Analyst in Human Resources.

Faculty positions will have minimums for each rank.

Setting Salaries

The factors used to set salary, in addition to market, include performance, relevant experience, applicable educational credentials and responsibility. Appointing officers set starting salaries based on these factors, with sensitivity to internal equity. Justification for these decisions is documented by the appointing officer. Market data is provided annually to each appointing officer from Human Resources. Starting salaries and their justification are reviewed and approved by Human Resources, Affirmative Action and the appropriate Vice President.

Merit Increases

The salary increase program for Faculty and EAP staff is based on merit. The merit pay adjustments reflect individual performance. Salary adjustments for equity, market and promotions are in addition to the merit increase.

Merit increases will normally take effect on August 6 each year. Merit increases must be approved by the appropriate Vice President and submitted to Human Resources.

Special Pay Adjustments

When an incumbent is identified as needing a special pay adjustment due to market, the adjustment is normally made during the salary increase program in addition to the merit increase. However, mid-year adjustments are occasionally made when justified by market and/or internal equity concerns, with the approval of the appropriate appointing officer, Human Resources and Vice President.

Addressing Salary and/or Title Questions

Faculty and staff members are welcome to meet confidentially with the Compensation Analyst in Human Resources to review salary and title information. To pursue a resolution to a title and/or salary question/concern, the faculty or staff member will discuss their concerns with their supervisor. If no resolution is reached, the faculty or staff member is welcome to meet with their appointing officer. If no resolution comes from this meeting, the faculty or staff member is welcome to meet with their executive officer. The executive officer's decision shall be final.