Get Posters Stamped

Bring Posters to:

Office of Student Life
1110 Kirkhof Center
1 Campus Drive
Allendale, MI 49401

In order to be stamped and posted, your posters must meet the Approval Guidelines.

Each poster must be stamped on the front, in person, with an "Approval" stamp. If posters are hung without being stamped, they will be removed. You are not allowed to post any posters on walls, outside of classrooms, or on boards labeled "For Academic Use Only". 

The number of posters you can post depends on the poster type:

GVSU Posters
Post yourself: up to 40 posters. Promotions posts for $12: up to 76 posters.

You can post on both the General and Campus Boards.

You are representing a GVSU department or Registered Student Organization (RSO).

You are promoting an on-campus activity/event*, program, or other on-campus involvement opportunities.

*Off-campus events fall into this category if they are sponsored or organized by GVSU

Non-GVSU Posters
Post yourself: up to 18 posters. Promotions posts for $12: up to 18 posters.

You can post on the General Boards only.

You are representing an off-campus business or organization; or yourself personally.

You are promoting a job posting, business, sale, advertisement, etc.


Housing Opportunity Posters
Post yourself: up to 3 posters. Promotions posts for $12: N/A.

You can post on the Housing Opportunity Boards only.

You are representing an off-campus business or organization; or yourself personally.

You are promoting a room/house/apartment for rent/sale.



Board Locations and Numbers

Illustration of Laker Village living center
Illustration of Kirkhof Center

Boards inside living centers: 36

All 36 boards in living centers are Campus Boards (only GVSU posters allowed).

You must use the Promotions Office posting service to post on these boards, since living centers are locked and can only be accessed by staff and students who live there.


Boards inside academic buildings: 40

22 Campus Boards: only GVSU posters allowed

18 General Boards: GVSU and non-GVSU posters allowed

There are 40 total boards in academic buildings. These can be accessed by anyone, any time the buildings are open. Refer to the map PDF below to see the locations of posting boards within buildings.

Total number of posting boards in Allendale = 76
(36 in living centers + 40 in academic buildings)

PDF of all board locations in academic buildings

There are 40 posting boards that you can access if you're posting yourself.

Posting boards are located throughout the Allendale campus. The highest concentration of boards (and student traffic) is in Mackinac Hall, Kirkhof, and the Library.

All official posting boards have a blue sign at the top that says "CAMPUS POSTING ONLY", "GENERAL POSTING ONLY", or "HOUSING OPPORTUNITY POSTING ONLY".

The PDF only includes academic buildings. If you would like a breakdown of which boards are in which living centers, contact the Promotions Office.

Page last modified September 7, 2022