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MSU Alzheimer's Alliance brings clinical trials to West Michigan

MSU Alzheimer's Alliance brings clinical trials to West Michigan

February 13, 2020 | Research

Michigan State University has been a partner of Rethinking Dementia for several years now and we are thrilled to be supporting their new clinical trial initiative right here in Grand Rapids for Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. David Morgan, faculty at MSU, started this program to bring opportunities for people to participate in research that may help discover new prevention and treatment methods for Alzheimer’s.  

There is one clinical trial running now, called the Preventing Alzheimer's with Cognitive Training (PACT) trial. This study teaches participants to play computer games in hopes that it will prevent or delay cognitive decline. They are looking for individuals who are over 65 without any memory loss or cognitive decline to participate and help them test this method of prevention.  

In the future, the Alzheimer’s Alliance is gearing up to run other kinds of clinical trials, including those that may treat cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease. They are working closely with healthcare providers in Grand Rapids to develop this program and hope to make more study opportunities available soon.  

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