Dr. Donijo Robbins, Professor of Public Finance

Donijo Robbins Headshot

Office Address: 258C Richard M. DeVos Center - Pew Campus
Phone: (616) 331-6740
Email: [email protected]

Teaching Areas:
PNH 300 - Research Methods
PNH 375 - Public Budgeting and Finance Administration
PNH 611 - Research Methods
PNH 615 - Public Financial Administration

Professor Robbins teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in public budgeting, public finance, and research methods. She has authored and co-authored a number of papers and serves on a variety of government and nonprofit boards. Prior to joining the faculty at GVSU, Professor Robbins was faculty at the University of Maine. From November 2010 to December 2012, she served as Comptroller of the City of Grand Rapids. Professor Robbins holds a PhD in public administration and an MA in economics from Rutgers University, and a BS in economics and political science from Central Michigan University.

Ph.D., Rutgers University
M.A., Rutgers University
B.S., Central Michigan University
Dr. Robbins' Curriculum Vitae (abridged)

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