About Rethinking Dementia

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The Rethinking Dementia Resource Guide is presented by Grand Valley State University's School of Public, Nonprofit, and Health Administration

The resource guide was originally created for three reasons:

  • Dementia is a growing concern in our community, and it's going to increase as baby boomers age.
  • Dementia is a stressful, expensive, and emotionally draining disease for everyone.
  • Although our community has many resources, they are fragmented and disconnected, which makes them hard to find.

We hope the Resource Guide improves the lives of people affected by dementia by promoting better access to quality support and services through innovative community collaboration.

Our History

In 2015, a group of organizations formed a collaborative that over the course of several years developed a set of dementia resources, connection programs, educational offerings, and collaboration opportunities to help people with dementia and their families.  This Resource Guide was born out of their work and their support. 

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