"I view myself as a female official" - Melissa Sweers

Melissa Sweers

Melissa Sweers, one of only 7 female officials for the MHSAA

Congratulations to one of our HPE Majors - Melissa Sweers! Melissa is one of only 7 women in the state of Michigan to be a registered hockey official with the Michigan High School Athletic Association. “I view myself as a female official,” Sweers said. “I’m not trying to be one of the guys at all. I’m trying to be the best person that I can be and the best official that I can be.”

We are proud of all her accomplishments.


A Message to our Graduates

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Fall 2020 marked the beginning of the combined Health and Physical Education Teacher Education (HPE) major at GVSU.  The HPE major is approved by the Michigan Department of Education as well as Grand Valley State University. This program offers students dual certification in PK-12 HPE. This program is based on best practices in the field of HPE and guided by our National Organization- SHAPE America. We follow a standards-based approach that aims to educate the whole child.

If you have questions about the HPE Major please reach out to Dr. Ingrid Johnson.

Fitnessgram Testing - TBD for 2021 - 2022

Physical Education Spotlights

Congratulations Graduates!

Austin Balkema

Austin Balkema

Elementary Placement: Evergreen Elementary School (Allendale)
Highlight from Elementary Placement: Seeing how excited the students were to come to PE class every morning.

Secondary Placement: City High School (GRPS) & Hesperia High School
Highlight from Secondary Placement: Being able to teach both in-person and online gave me some very valuable teaching experience.

Most Memorable Moment at GVSU: Several PE majors and I pulled an all-nighter at the library to finish our 306 unit plans. It wasn't fun at the time but it's funny to look back on now.

Dan Pohanka

Dan Pohanka

Elementary Placement: Cherry Creek Elementary - Lowell Area Schools
Highlight from Placement: Having kids actually excited to be at school and amped up to play and learn about PE!

Secondary Placement:
Holland High School
Highlight from Placement: Working in a diverse location with people who don’t look like me - I loved hearing about their perspectives on the current climate in the country/world and what they think are best ways to go about improving society and themselves individually!

Most memorable moment from GV: Getting to meet, talk, and become friends with professors/peers who I otherwise probably would have not. You all have had more of an impact on my life than you know! You’re the best!!


Sara Westrat 2021 Excellence in a Discipline Award from Grand Valley Recipient

 Sara Westrate 2021 Excellence in a Discipline Award from Grand Valley Recipient 

Award winner photo

Summer Carls 2021 SHAPE America Major of the Year Award Recipient 

Dan Pohanka

Student Honor Award for Shape Michigan- Major of the Year representing Grand Valley State University Dan Pohanka & Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith

Two students holding SHAPE Michigan Awards

Summer Carls and Mitch Huizen were awarded 2019 GVSU Majors of the Year for SHAPE Michigan

Woman holding an award

Rachael Chase won the SHAPE America Presidential Scholarship for 2018

Rachael Chase was awarded the 2018 Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship by SHAPE America. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who are members of SHAPE America.