Below is a list of frequently asked questions by students that we have compiled and provided answers to.

Do I need a minor as a Physical Education major?

Yes, all teacher preparation students must have a teachable major and minor. 

Teachable Minors

Is there a specific order I need to take classes in the Physical Education program?

Absolutely, take the 200 level courses in the major first and then the 300 level courses.  Knowledge from the 200 level classes will be needed to be successful in PED306 and PED307- it is best to take PED306 before PED307. 

Can I take ANY MOV309 class?

No, there is a specific section of MOV309 – Measurement and Evaluation for physical education teachers.  The content taught is directly related to the NASPE standards as well as content for the MTTC test.  

When should I take the Professional Readiness Exam (PRE) and the MTTC?

Students are most successful when they take the PRE early (after completing WRT150 and MTH110).  The content covered by the Professional Readiness Exam is high school content.  Please note that this is NOT an easy test and you must study!  There are study guides posted on the GVSU Physical Education website.  The MTTC in your major and minor are best done after teacher assisting.  Again, you NEED to study.  There are guides posted on the GVSU Physical Education website.

Find study guides here.

How can I complete 25 hours of experience needed to apply to the College of Education?

Within our major, students have observation/volunteer hours required for specific classes: 10 hours each for PED202, PED306 and PED307 for a total of 30 hours.  

How many Skill Development Activity Classes do I need to complete?

Four Skill Development Activity Classes PLUS swimming for a total of five.  You can complete Lifeguarding or Water Safety Instructor at GVSU to replace the swimming requirement (please note that swimming of some sort is ABSOLUTELY required).   

Do I need to complete the Fitnessgram each year?

Yes, this criterion referenced fitness test is required for our Physical Education certification.  Each year you are enrolled (including teacher assisting and student teaching) you must complete the test.  If you are injured, please contact your faculty advisor.  

How do I subscribe to the Listserve?

From your GVSU email account you must send an Email to and in the body of the message type the following: subscribe pemajors then send the message. If you have problems contact Dr. Johnson at 331-8873 or

Should I attend professional conferences?

Absolutely, our students attend both SHAPE Michigan and SHAPE (our national organization).  The state conference is a great place to attend or present nor is it very expensive.  This conference is designed for teachers (your future profession) and provides the opportunity to network.  The national conference is also a great chance to present and to meet students from around the country!

Can I coach or work while in school?

Yes BUT we do have some courses that are ONLY offered in the afternoon and evenings, speak to your faculty advisor to determine those classes!  

Will I get a job with a Physical Education teaching degree?

Absolutely, our students have been incredibly successful in acquiring jobs in Michigan and out of state (including Arizona, Utah and Wyoming).

Page last modified February 13, 2018