PCKET Faculty Help Develop Integrated STEM Curriculum

PCKET Faculty Help Develop Integrated STEM Curriculum

Several PCKET faculty are working with Battle Creek Public Schools on the development of a novel, integrated STEM middle school curriculum to be used in a new middle school in the district. The Battle Creek STEM Innovation Center engages students in an anti-racist, place-, project-, and problem-based curriculum, which is augmented by explicit interdisciplinary connections. The curriculum was co-constructed with BCPS teachers using aspects of the Design Thinking process, which is embedded throughout. BC-STEM students explore issues of community interest, such as familial and neighborhood voices, and connections to community partners to learn about who and what is in Battle Creek. The project is coordinated through Kris Pachla in the Regional Math and Science Center. Faculty involved include: Janet Vigna (Biology), Julie Henderleiter (Chemistry), Keith Oliver (Physics), Paul Yu (Math), Lisa Kasmer (Math), Amy Masko (English), Tammy Shreiner (History/Social Studies), Dave Coffey (Math), and Greg Warsen (College of Education and Community Innovation). Several students have been involved in the curriculum work, which has deepened their GVSU education. Student Assistants have come from Math, English, and CSAT majors. This work is funded by the 5-year partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

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Page last modified September 8, 2021