Bailey Webb '19

Bailey Webb '19

Accenture, Consultant

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1. Tell us about your journey since graduation.
After graduation, I turned my internship into a full time position at the Big 4 with PwC as an IT Auditor. I met so many amazing people and connected through extra-circular activities. I am now at Accenture as an IT Auditor Consultant. I am exposed to a world of knowledge in technology and top-of-the-line systems and tools. I am continuously learning!

2. Share a favorite Grand Valley memory.
Grand Valley gave me some of the best memories, such as studying abroad in Ghana with the Honors College, working at the Dean of Students office and CLAS advising. I met my lifelong friends through Beta Alpha Psi and gained great exposure to my future career.

3. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
We are capable of anything, against all odds, if we put our heart and mind to it. Pour yourself into your dreams and make it happen.

4. List three words you would use to describe your Grand Valley experience.
Greatest life experience

5. What difference would you like to make in the world?
Connecting others through simplifying life and outsourcing to the experts. Like ERP systems, our personal lives can have an enterprise system to function at our greatest potential.

January 2022

Interest Area(s)
Accounting, Information Systems

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