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The GVSU Padnos College of Engineering (PCE) wants to connect with you! Get involved by volunteering, supporting a student project, providing a co-op or internship placement, or participating in research and development.

With over 35 years of experience in industry and community engagement and more than 300 industry partners, PCE is committed to meeting the evolving needs of our collaborators, students, and community.

There are five primary ways that PCE engages with industry and community (see gears image to right): K-12 Pipeline, Experiential Education, Applied Research & Development, Talent Recruitment, and Continuous Learning.

Watch the 2021 Engineering Design Conference Co-op Employer Forum video below, or download the slide deck, to learn more about each of these avenues and opportunities to collaborate with PCE.

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Five Ways PCEC Engages with Industry & Community

Maximizing the Benefits of an Industry / University Collaboration

2021 Engineering Design Conference Co-op Employer Forum Presentation

2021 Engineering Design Conference Co-op Employer Forum Presentation

The School of Engineering’s annual Co-op Employer Forum is held during the Engineering Design Conference. The intent of the forum is to bring together engineering professionals in academia and industry who are engaged in engineering education initiatives to share information on effective models, experiences and best practices. The goal is to emphasize the mutually beneficial partnerships between the Padnos College of Engineering (PCE) and the School of Engineering with industry and government, as well as to allow a collaborative networking space for all participants.

The topic of the 2021 Co-op Employer Forum was "Maximizing the Benefits of an Industry / University Collaboration." Presenters Dr, Paul Plotkowski, PCEC Dean, and Casey Thelenwood, PCEC Assistant Dean, discussed the five ways that industry and community can engage with the college. Steve Heethuis, Training Director with NN Autocam Precision Components Group, shared information on the ways that NN Autocam has engaged with PCEC and recommendations for making the most of the engagement opportunities. Mary Andrade, Director of Engineering Career Services in the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville, introduced the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and shared ways that industry can engage with ASEE to leverage university partnerships across the United States.

Download the 2021 Engineering Design Conference Co-op Employer Forum slide deck

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