PACES Resources

PACES Resources

The PACES Resources page features numerous materials to prepare graduate students for their careers. The topics covered on the webpage include resources pertaining to Professionalism, Advancement, Communication, Engagement, Success, and Writing Support.

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The GVSU Career Center is available to help with career exploration, preparedness, and questions! They offer walk-in appointments and events to support GVSU students and alumni any way they can. Click the button below to link to the Career Center's webpage.

GVSU Career Center


Topics covered in the professionalism section include resources concerning interviewing skills, career planning tools, salary/benefit information, and workplace attire.

Interviewing Skills

10 Interviewing Tips

Interviewing over a Meal

Interviewing Preparation

Interviewing Resources

Phone / Skype Interviews

Practice Interview Questions

Salary/Benefit Information

Complete Guide to Benefits

Health Insurance 101

Cost of Living Calculator

Geographic Wage Prospects

Salary / Benefit Tips

Salary Lookup Tool

Career Search/Planning

Career Interests Profiler

Creating a 5-Year Plan

Job Search Tips

Obtaining a Post-Grad Job

Workplace Attire

Dressing Business Casual

Dressing for Interviews

Dressing for your Career

Business Casual vs. Business Professional


Resources under Advancement include information about continuing education, funding a higher degree, teaching after graduate school, and personal advancement.

Continuing Education

Choosing a Graduate School

Doctorate vs. Ph.D. Programs

Masters vs. Ph.D. Programs

Pursuing a Ph.D.: FAQ

Graduate Degree Search

Funding a Doctorate

What is a Fellowship?

Fellowship Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Government Funding

Military Education Funding

Teaching in your Field

Alternative Education Careers

Becoming a Professor

Postsecondary Teaching

Personal Advancement

Personality Test

Healthy Habits

Work / School / Life Balance



The communication section contains resources covering conflict management, employee communication, international relations, and public speaking.

Conflict Management

Constructive Resolution

How to Fight Fair

Skills in Conflict Management

Understanding Conflict

Tools for Conflict Management

Employee Communication

Building an Effective Team

Communication Skills at Work

Email Etiquette

Effective Presentation Skills

Presentation Tips

International Relations

Language Education (FREE)

Study Abroad

Why Learn a New Language?

Public Speaking

GVSU Speech Lab

Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking Guidelines


The engagement area features content about networking, cultural competency, mentoring, and social acceptance.

Networking Resources

Conferences / Conventions

Demystifying Networking

Networking 101

Networking Question List

Why Join A Professional Association?

Tips for Successful Networking

Cultural Competency

Concepts and Definitions

Benefits of Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Inclusion and Equity

Safe Space vs. Free Speech

Mentoring Resources

Mentee Qualities

Mentoring in Graduate School

Quality Mentorship

Using Intersectionality

Intersectionality Definition

Tips to Practice

Intersectionality in the Workplace

Podcast: Intersectionality Matters!


The success section covers material about financial planning, stress management, time/organization, and maintaining relationships.

Financial Planning

Budgeting Tool (FREE)

Compounding Interest

Five Financial Habits

Investment / Retirement Tips

Mortgage 101

Roth / Traditional IRA Accounts

Sample Budget Percentages

Stress Management

Managing Stress

Relax the Body / Mind

Relaxation Techniques

Stress Management Tips

Time and Organization

Managing your Time

Staying Organized

Prioritizing vs. Procrastinating

Maintaining Relationships

Relationships in Grad School

University Counseling Center

The GVSU University Counseling Center is an exceptional resource for student mental health success. Their website is saturated with services and opportunities for all students. The Counseling Center offers individualized and group counseling, emergency services, and outreach education for free. Services provided are completely confidential and available at both the Allendale and Grand Rapids campuses.

Writing Aid

Graduate Writing Resources

Topics covered by the Graduate Writing Resources page include professional writing resources, program-specific writing examples, thesis/dissertation information, and university writing guides.

Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center offers assistance with project/thesis work, building models, data analysis/calculations, and interpreting results. They can also aid with designing a study or formulating a survey.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center works closely with students who need support for any type of writing activity. They have drop-in and online appointments available, as well as availability on both the Allendale and Grand Rapids campuses.

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