Theresa M. McKee, MS, OTR Occupational Therapy Scholarship

Grand Valley State University, College of Health Professions, Occupational Science & Therapy Department

is proud to announce

The Theresa M. McKee, MS, OTR Occupational Therapy Scholarship

The department of Occupational Science & Therapy is pleased to offer the Theresa M. McKee, MS, OTR, Occupational Therapy Scholarship. This scholarship provides a one-year, non-renewable award of $1000 to a regularly admitted first year Occupational Therapy degree-seeking student in the College of Health Sciences at Grand Valley State University. The recipient shall be in good academic standing according to the norms established by the University and the Occupational Therapy Program. Demonstration of financial need is not required.

Applications are available online via GVSU's website at ScholarshipUniverse. Ms. McKee's desire that recipients of her scholarship will have an ever-growing interest and knowledge in the world view of Occupational Therapy that go beyond the theory and practice of the United States of America.

An essay on the worldwide contribution of Occupational Therapy to the peoples of the world is required in the process. Applications and essays are due December 8.

We are grateful to the scholarship initiator, Theresa M. McKee, class of 1979 who received her Grand Valley State University Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology with High Honors and subsequently earned her Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University in 1989. She has worked as an Occupational Therapist geographically across the entire United States and internationally in Australia over her career.


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