Orientation to the Professional Program

Prior to the start of the program, students attend a mandatory one-day orientation. The focus of the orientation is to ensure a smooth transition into the culture of graduate and professional study. During this orientation, a number of specific skills and issues are addressed, which the faculty believe are important for success in the program and in the professional world.

Activities of the orientation include:

  • Meeting and becoming comfortable with other members of the cohort and the program faculty
  • Meeting current students in the program and having an opportunity to talk with them about their experience in the program
  • Being introduced to the design and rationale for the OT curriculum
  • Being introduced to the program goals and how the curriculum will foster these goals
  • Becoming familiar with the roles of the teacher and the learner in the MSOT program
  • Learning some of the concepts that underlie the educational philosophy of the program, such as:
    • The role and development of critical thinking
    • The role and development of self-direction
    • The role and development of assertiveness
    • The role and development of good oral and written communication skills
    • The role and development of professional behaviors
  • Recognize the importance of developing a habit of research, writing and presenting, throughout the curriculum as well as part of the role of a responsible professional

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