Department Policies


GVSU ID Card: 

  • If your class meets in any part of the Rec Center or the Kelly Family Sports Center (KTB), you will need your college ID to enter. 
  • Please note that you are asked not to bring food or beverages into these facilities.


  • FIT courses are credit/no credit 
  • Grades are based on the knowledge and skills about a particular sport or activity
  • FIT courses are participation oriented
  • Your instructor will give you more specific information regarding grading and attendance policies.


  • Some FIT courses meet off campus
  • You are responsible for the travel to and from that location, as well as, your safety
  • Some classes may have a field trip component
  • Your instructor will communicate this plan on the first day of class and provide all travel and trip information to you
  • An alternative assignment may be arranged with your instructor if you are unable to complete this portion of class

Course Fees: 

  • We try to limit additional course fees as much as possible
  • In some FIT courses students are required to pay an additional fee to cover the rental of facilities and/or equipment and if there is a certification cost
  • Specific fees are listed when you register for the course.

Injuries during Participation:  

  • All FIT courses are electives and therefore are voluntary
  • During FIT courses you will be physically active and this involves a range of inherent risks
  • Each student will be required to complete an informed consent by the third class period.
  • It is your responsibility to check with a physician if there is any question regarding your fitness for participation
  • If at any time during participation you experience any physical distress, or have any questions or concerns regarding your participation, see your instructor immediately.  
  • Before you use any equipment, make sure you know how it works and that it is in safe working order
  • Safety equipment may be required for some class activities
  • Failure to use equipment as intended will increase your risk of injury to yourself and, possibly, to others

Students participating in FIT classes are expected to do the following:

  • Comply fully with all rules, directions, and guidelines concerning physical activities and the safe use of equipment.
  • Notify the instructor immediately if any unsafe or hazardous situations or unsafe practices come to your attention.
  • Stop participating if you feel you cannot continue safely.

Adaptations and Modifications:  

If you are concerned about registering for a FIT course because of your abilities or disabilities or an injury, our faculty will do everything possible to accommodate your individual situation.  Contact the FIT course administrator, Karol Tiemersma, for more information: or 331-8890.

Page last modified February 22, 2018