B.S. Exercise Science: Clinical Emphasis Graduates

Student smiling in photo while at GVSU football game

Emilie Andrews

Rollie pollies are my favorite animal. Whenever I'm walking outside or in a building (specifically Padnos), I watch out for rollie pollies and will move them to safety if they are in harms way.

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Lauren Buczkowski

B.S. Exercise Science - Clinical Emphasis 

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Samuel Corbin

On my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing sports, and engaging in all forms of physical activity. I look forward to inspiring others and sharing my passion for exercise!

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Zakery Goddard

B.S. Exercise Science - Clinical Emphasis

Student ripping shirt off while on basketball court

Evan S Gravedoni

Have fun while pursuing your career. It is the first step to becoming successful. However, don't take intramural leagues too seriously!


Adam Krol

I believe the field of exercise can transform the way we look at healthcare. My favorite quote is "When the why is clear, the how becomes easy."

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Noah Lindhout

I will be using my clinical exercise foundation as a springboard into physician assistant school next fall in Nashville at Lipscomb University whereafter I hope to practice in orthopaedics or heart/vascular surgery.

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Chelsea Longoria

I am graduating with my Bachelors degree in Clinical Exercise Science and will be applying to Physical Therapy school this summer! Also this summer I will be marrying the most amazing man!! Things may seem hard at times but you weren’t meant to do easy things. Good things are coming!!

Student rowing in river

Christopher John Markules

"There may be people who have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do." - Derek Jeter

Class of 2021

Nico Martini

"When you feel like quitting think about why you started."

Student throwing graduation cap in front of library

Madalyn Palmer

Attending University of St. Augustine for my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree!

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Raquel Racette

I love true crime shows!

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Abigail Rosinski

Don't live someone else's dream, find your own.

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Rebekah Simmons

B.S. Exercise Science - Clinical Emphasis

Student posing on the blue bridge

Michael Williams

"Don't ever play yourself"

Student smiling while showing off muscle

Brianna Wisti

At GVSU, I was involved in Club Sports as the president of the Strength Club. As a member of the team, I competed in both weightlifting and powerlifting. At one of the powerlifting meets, I broke 9 state records, including the Open Women record with a 375# deadlift.