Why Take Spanish

Why Take Spanish Infographic

Employment Opportunities

With such a large Latino population in the U.S. and booming economies outside the U.S., there is a huge demand for Spanish-speakers in nursing, construction management, and media, among many other positions.

  • Criminal Justice
  • Social work
  • Health professions
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • International Business & Relations
  • Nonprofit Organizations and Humanitarian Work
  • Jobs in national or international environments
  • Research (Literature, Linguistics, History, etc.)
  • Music and Performing Arts
  • Customer Service
  • Hospitality and Tourism

Fun Facts

  • Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations
  • There are 22 countries in the world that list Spanish as an official language
  • Spanish is spoken by 500 million people with a growing trend that will reach 600 million speakers by 2050
  • In 2010, the number of people studying Spanish as a second language was amore than 20 million. -Source: Instituto Cervantes
  • The U.S. has almost 40 million native spanish speakers

Skills to Gain

  • Critique and examine ideas from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Appreciate culture, history, and art from across the world.
  • Express yourself creatively and with passion.
  • Develop valuable skills to help in translation and interpretation.
  • Dialogue with your community through meaningful service learning opportunities.  

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