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Spanish Club

La Tertulia (The Gathering) is GVSU's Spanish club and an organization that is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the Hispanic language and culture. We do this by holding weekly meetings where we encourage discussion in Spanish (at all levels), explore the culture, play Spanish games, learn how to dance, and have a good time! We also sponsor events on campus relating to Latin-American and Spanish culture, and bring outside events in Grand Rapids, Holland, and surrounding communities to GVSU by attending these events as a group. If you are interested in bettering your español, learning more about the culture, or just having a great time, come check us out!


Advisor: Prof. Serrata,

President: Amelia Quardokus,


Tuesdays @ 9:00 pm KC 2259 (location subject to change, contact advisor for more information)

Find us on Facebook