OPI and WPT Testing for International Business Students

Approval must be received from Seidman Undergraduate Programs before taking the OPI and WPT for the foreign language minor requirement within the International Business major. Please email the Modern Languages and Literatures Department Coordinator (Lolita Salindong, [email protected]) with your request to take the OPI and WPT. The Department Coordinator will then verify with Seidman Undergraduate Programs that you have been approved to take the tests. 

What is the OPI and WPT?

The ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) is an on-demand, internet, or phone-delivered proficiency test. In the computer version, an avatar provides a customized series of prompts based on the interests and experience of the test-taker, which are gathered during the survey phase at the beginning of the test. The test is recorded and assessed by ACTFL-trained, certified raters, and a score is assigned against either the ACTFL or the ILR scale. The phone-delivered version is a 15–30 minute telephonic interview between an ACTFL-Certified Tester and a candidate that is adapted to the interests, experience, and level of the candidate. The OPI resembles a conversation between two people but in fact follows a standard structure and protocol. The tester rates the speech produced during the interview according to either the ACTFL, ILR, or CEFR scales. 

The ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (iWPT) is delivered via the internet. It consists of a number of prompts customized to reflect the interests and experience of the test-taker which are gathered through survey questions at the beginning of the assessment. The candidate is presented with four to five prompts dealing with practical, social, and professional topics that are familiar to the individual and of general and/or cultural relevance, encountered in both formal and informal contexts. The candidate must write a written response to all the prompts. The written responses are assessed by certified ACTFL raters, and results are provided against the ACTFL, ILR, or CEFR scale. The test takes 20–80 minutes, depending on the range of proficiency being assessed. 

How do I Take the OPI and WPT?

In order to take the OPI and WPT, students must complete an on-line application at least two weeks prior to their desired test date. Go to https://www.languagetesting.com/sign-in/test-candidates to sign in (or create an account if you're a first-time user) and schedule tests. There is a fee for this test; that cost will be shown when you register. 

Tests need to be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m (last exam).

When registering for the OPI and WPT, you will need to select Grand Valley State University, Allendale Campus as your test site.

Test Proctor Information: 

Lolita Salindong
[email protected]
(616) 331-3203

What Does My Score Mean?

International Business students must receive an IH (Intermediate High) or above. Once you receive your results via email, you will need to share them with your Seidman Undergraduate Programs professional academic advisor. 

For more detailed information regarding the OPI, please visit the Language Testing International website.


Page last modified August 16, 2021