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Trazy Collins (née Richter), Spanish, BA Spanish, 2013

Trazy Collins (née Richter), Spanish, BA Spanish, 2013

Trazy Collins (née Richter)

2013 Graduate

Language: Spanish

Major: Spanish

Minor: Latin American Studies and Music 

Trazy is currently living in New York City, serving as the Program Director of Food and Nutrition programs for Project Hospitality, Inc. Following her graduation from GVSU in 2013, she moved to NYC almost immediately to complete an internship with Project Hospitality. Only 4 months later, she was promoted to oversee 5 emergency food programs, which has evolved now into 6 programs. She currently leads a team of 8 staff and over 1000 volunteers who provide up to 1.9 million meals to New Yorkers who are food insecure every year. She went on to receive a Masters of Arts in Global Development and Social Justice from St. John's University in 2017.

When asked how her modern languages and literature background plays a role, Trazy told us that she still uses her Spanish skills every day, whether greeting hungry families, or advocating on behalf of those who are looking for resources within the community, or providing cultural competency to programming happening within immigrant communities. She was recently recognized by the Staten Island Hunger Task Force for her leadership and exemplary professional service.

Updated March 2019

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