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Caitlin Smith, Spanish, BA Secondary Education & Spanish, 2014

Caitlin Smith, Spanish, BA Secondary Education & Spanish, 2014

Caitlin Smith

2014 Graduate

Language: Spanish

Major: Secondary Education and Spanish

Minor: Psychology

After graduating, Caitlin applied to jobs in Europe and South America and eventually accepted a position teaching 5th grade students in Quito, Ecuador. Her students were Ecuadorian children in an immersion program in English. During the two years she taught, Caitlin explored the coastal, Amazonian, and mountainous regions of Ecuador all while immersing herself in Spanish language and culture. Making time to travel to Colombia and being able to spend two months volunteering in Ollantaytambo, Peru were also life changing experiences. Now Caitlin is working in the Immersion Program at Rockford Public Schools teaching Language Arts. She leads the Spanish Club and will travel to Costa Rica in the coming months with a group of students. Caitlin is a proponent of language learning because it introduces people to different cultures and beliefs. The ability to communicate with millions more people around the world is something she would never give up. 

Updated March 2019

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