Mary and Wilhelm Seeger Scholarship

Several years ago, Grand Valley State alumni established the Mary and Wilhelm Seeger Scholarship to honor these two well-respected faculty members for the contributions they have made to our students over the last quarter-century. The scholarship, a non-renewable award of $1,000 will be awarded to a full-time student in the top quarter of the entering class who is planning to study one or more foreign languages at Grand Valley, either as a major or in combination with another field of study.


Do I Qualify?
Qualified students meet the following criteria:

- A member of the entering first-year class
- A full-time student
- A 3.5 GPA & 26 ACT
- Not receiving any other excellence scholarships from Grand Valley

The Seeger Scholarship is by invitation only. GVSU Admissions will notify the department of qualified students. Upon receipt of the list, the department sends out letters inviting students to apply.


I've received a letter... now what?

To be considered for the scholarship, students will write a brief essay indicating why they have chosen to study foreign language and what they intend to do with their knowledge of the language after leaving college.

Once applications are received, a selection committee will meet and decide the winner(s).


For more information, please contact the MLL department.



Page last modified April 8, 2020