Apprenticeship Opportunities


Apprenticeship Opportunities

Michigan Apprenticeships

Michigan is among the national leaders in apprenticeships and the state is working to grow the number of opportunities, so more students gain in-demand skills without extensive tuition debt while employers get the talent they need to grow and thrive, creating more and better jobs. is the one-stop source to connect career seekers, employers, and education partners with apprenticeship resources. Discover apprenticeships across industries, how programs are started by employers, and how to become an apprentice. 

Benefits for Career Seekers: 

  • Earn as you learn with a guaranteed wage increase as you develop new skills
  • Receive an industry-recognized and nationally-portable credential or academic credit toward a college degree
  • Gain workplace-relevant skills and mentorship in the field of your choice


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Ready for a new career?

Discover Apprenticeships: Ready for a new career? 

AASA Youth Apprenticeships

Youth Apprenticeships - Healthcare Pathways in Highline School District

Discover Apprenticeship

Discover Apprenticeship: Start Your Dream Job Faster

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Pure Michigan Talent Connect

Pure Michigan Talent Connect is your launchpad for new jobs, careers, and talent. It is a tool connecting Michigan’s jobseekers and employers and serves as a central hub linking all public and private stakeholders who support Michigan’s workforce. Pure Michigan Talent Connect serves as the state’s labor exchange system and has the most current Apprenticeship opportunity listings. 

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Going Pro

To elevate the perception of professional trades and showcase the opportunities in a variety of rewarding careers, Going PRO in Michigan was created. Visit Going Pro to find nearby schools and training facilities that fit your career path.

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High School and Middle School Apprenticeships

It’s not too early for middle school students to start thinking about their future careers and learn how an apprenticeship can serve as a foundation for jump starting their careers. The U.S. Department of Labor has collaborated with Scholastic to develop materials to introduce middle school students, parents, and teachers to future careers and apprenticeships. Apprenticeship programs for youth between the ages of 16-24 combine academic and technical classroom instruction with work experience through an apprenticeship program. It provides the foundation for youth to choose among multiple pathways – to enroll in college, begin full-time employment, or a combination. 


Visit to find out more about High School and Middle School Apprenticeships and to access remote learning guides, teacher lessons, and resources that providing meaningful learning opportunities for students. 


The Michigan Advanced Technician Training Program (MAT²) – is an innovative, industry-driven approach to education. Developed in conjunction with global industry technology leaders to combine theory, practice and work to train a globally competitive workforce, MAT² addresses two critical issues facing the manufacturing and technology industries: a widening skills gap and an aging workforce. This is an apprenticeship program where students alternate between classroom instruction and on-the-job training, gaining the necessary hands-on skills and real-world experiences for them to become successful and productive member of the skilled workforce.

Click here for more information about the Michigan Advanced Technician Training Program. 


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