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Entrepreneurs and innovators exist in rapidly changing environments with high degrees of uncertainty and a need to move fast. Success often hinges on strategic thinking, resilience, and adaptability. There are other professions and organizations that face similar pressures, and which have been dealing with them for much longer. We can learn from them.

The Navy SEALs is one such organization, where the stakes are much higher than those entrepreneurs face. The SEALs are renowned for their mental toughness and ability to thrive in challenging environments. "Get comfortable being uncomfortable" is a mantra that resonates with the challenges of starting a business or launching a new product. Entrepreneurs can embrace adversity as an opportunity for growth.

Another principle that I am frequently reminded of is "slow is smooth; smooth is fast." When applied to manual operations like drawing a weapon or playing an instrument, it's an admonition to take the time to get muscle memory right and then let training make you fast. For entrepreneurs, it underscores the importance of careful planning and execution for sustained success. Get the process right; let process improvement make you fast.

Brent Gleeson, writing at Forbes, offers nine such sayings.

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