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Do any of these describe you?

  • You have a business idea, but have no idea how to actually start a business
  • You have a creative hobby (like photography, baking, pottery, etc.) that you’d love to monetize
  • You have a side-hustle, but you aren’t sure if you could turn it into your full-time gig

If you said yes to any of these, we’ve got some big news for you.

We’re thrilled to announce that we will soon be taking applications for our very first ElevateWest accelerator cohorts!

ElevateWest is an accelerator program powered by CO.STARTERS with versions tailored to your needs.

ElevateWest Core

An entrepreneur working on their business during a Core workshop

Powered by CO.STARTERS, Core is a business launching program that helps you turn any idea into a sustainable business in just 12 weeks.

Even if you aren’t sure if entrepreneurship is for you, this program is a great way to at least test your idea out and develop it alongside 10-15 other people doing the same thing.

This ElevateWest Core cohort will meet weekly from September 4 through November 20, 2024.

November 20 will be a pitch competition for cohort members with cash prizes. Invite your family and friends to join us!

Space is limited, so apply at the link to the right.

Sessions in the 12 week program include:

Know yourself
Dig into what’s driving you and understand what it will take to achieve your dream.

Understand your customers
Pinpoint what your customer wants and how to adapt to their needs.

Business solutions & starting small
Test your solution by starting small and making adjustments as needed.

Getting, keeping, & growing customers
Build customer relationships through your messaging & marketing.

Revenue, pricing, & distribution
Figure out your logistics and how you’ll make money.

Legal & accounting
Understand the systems and structures you’ll need to support your business.

Financial modeling
Determine your costs and whether your business model is financially viable.

Funding & Raising Capital
Know your options for finding the funds you need to grow sustainably.

Growth plans & goal setting
Gain momentum and leave with a strategy for achieving your goals.

Pitch your business idea and celebrate your success. Your future starts now.

ElevateWest Get Started

The Get Started workshops are full. We thank you for your interest, and hope you'll join us for the 12-week Core accelerator or for the next round of Get Started Workshops in 2025. Follow us on Facebook to see all we offer!

The ElevateWest Get Started Workshop, powered by CO.STARTERS, is here to help.

The Get Started Workshop is a single, four hour session. During the ElevateWest Get Started Workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to understand what’s driving you, to explore your idea through the CO.STARTERS Canvas, and refine your model by learning ways to get meaningful customer feedback and start pursuing your idea today. You’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the community and make valuable connections to help you along the way.

The Muskegon Innovation Hub will be holding three of the Get Started workshops in July and August to equip you with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn your ideas into action. Whether you’re just getting started, stuck on a particular issue, or are in need of a refresher, attending one of these workshops will provide the jump-start needed to get you moving.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today by clicking the application button!

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