Feature Twirler Audition Information


Applications for the 2024 Feature Twirler are being accepted!


About the Position

The GVSU Feature Twirler is an icon on campus and performs at every home football game, away games the band attends, every home basketball game, and at any function with invitation. The Feature Twirler practices in the Campus Rec Center throughout the year and with the band during football season. Because of this exposure, the Feature Twirler must maintain a professional reputation. A high level of twirling is expected by the band staff, fans, and fellow marching band members. Additionally, the Feature Twirler must maintain high academic standards and a strong work ethic. Every winter during Kid's Day at GVSU Basketball games, the GVSU Feature Twirler holds a Twirler for a Day clinic, allowing younger twirlers and community children a chance to perform for the community. By following these guidelines, the next GVSU Feature Twirler will uphold the standards set forth by previous twirlers and will maintain the position for twirlers to come.

Ideal applicant

The following are a list of attributes of the next GVSU Feature Twirler:

  • High academic standards: maintains a high GPA throughout her college experience
  • Required tricks
  • Knowledge that the twirler attends every band rehearsal, performance, leadership events, and function - essentially, acts just as every member of the band does

Required Tricks

  • Double illusion
  • Toss cartwheel or walk over
  • Toss double split leap
  • 4 spin R, L, and backhand
  • Back neck rolls
  • Other advanced level rolls (multiple elbows, fujimis)
  • Advanced 2 baton skills
  • Strong 3 and 4 baton skills


  • Apply to GVSU, ASAP - Apply
  • If applicable, apply to GVSU Frederick Meijer Honors College - Apply to Honors College
  • Send in an audition video to Dr. John Martin by February 10 - email: [email protected]
  • If called back, set up an audition date before April 1.
  • Confirm your acceptance to GVSU by paying your housing deposit, due on May 1.

Page last modified January 24, 2024