Living with the Great Lakes - GEO105

Enjoy these videos created by the students of GEO105: Living with the Great Lakes!

Line 5 Overview

Line 5 Overview



This video, created by Claire Livezey, gives an overview of Line 5, an oil pipeline running through Michigan, and the possible damages that may happen to the water and ecosystems in the event of another major oil spill.

Great Lakes Rap



"No Salt" is a rap about the Great Lakes. Alexander Misiak wrote and recorded the lyrics, paired with supporting visuals, to demonstrate what individuals can do to support the health and future health of the Great Lakes.




This video is a Daniel Heck's comedic take on the issue of invasive species in the Great Lakes, with a focus on the impact of mussels on the greater ecosystems.




"Hurricanes" by Joe Branch is a rap about the science behind and dangers of hurricanes. The song features images of the storms and of the devastation caused by them, alongside the lyrics of the song.

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