Gallery Water Works

The Making Waves Initiative is being highlighted in the Kirkhof Wall Gallery. The exhibition includes a range of photographs surrounding the pilars of the initiative and all centered around themes of water. 

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Grand Valley's online collection of over 12,000 works features many works with the subject and themes of water. These pieces range from oil paintings to sculptures to photographs and capture both realism and abstraction in their subject matter. The list below is expansive but is still just a sample of the many works related to water that are a part of our collection

Water-Related Gallery Pieces

Document I.D. Title Artist Type Description Action
2007.601.1 Fisherman's Cove at Low Tide, Laguna Mathias Joseph Alten Oil on Canvas Sea scene of rocky waterfront. Rocky cliffs with blue water below. Light blue sky in the background. There is a small amount of vegetation on the rocks in the foreground and a seagull flying through the sky. Signed in the lower right View
2002.75.1 Sleep of Water Patricia Clark Poem Poem about the characteristics of Michigan water View
2002.472.1 Grand River Ada, Mi David Lubbers Photograph Arched tree over reflective body of water. View
2002.465.1 Oxen, Boats and Fisherman Mathias Joseph Alten Oil on canvas Colorful image of men in boats and oxen in the water. View
2002.434.1 The Shoreline Debora Ebbers Oil on canvas View of rocks and plants in water close to shore View
2002.432.1j Boat House Patrick Dunning Ink on paper View of boathouse on water. View
2002.432.1e Naval Musuem Patrick Dunning Ink on paper Bridge as viewed from the water rendered in black and white. View
2002.418.1 Another Dear Malady Tim Fisher Oil on canvas Birds, fish, cow chickens, snakes standing on a beach. Water can be seen in the background. View
2002.415.1 Waterfall Mary Gillis Oil on canvas Many shades of blue in streaks vertically with some solid blue and silver strips. View
2002.414.1c Wind, Mountain, Water and Cloud Peimin Ni Photograph Chinese symbol for water View
2002.386.1 Untitled Theresa Verhoeven Oil on canvas Boy in blue trunks is diving into water. Other than the boy, there is only water View
2002.380.1 Kunstkammer George Mattarnovi Poster Large blue and white building with a tower in the center along a body of water. View
2002.277.b Harbor View Dan Watts Photograph View of city with river going through View
2002.277.a Harbor View Dan Watts Photograph View of a bay in Hong Kong with boats traveling through it. View
2002.276.1 Chicken Market Dan Watts Photograph Picture of a Chinese market with water in background View
2002.236.1 Washing Cloths in Rain Water Dan Watts Photograph Small woman washing red cloth. View
2002.234.1 Oasis on the Road to Anna's Dan Watts Photograph Small river surrounded by trees and grasslands. View
2002.224.1 The Great Wall # 3 Dan Watts Photograph Image of the Great Wall of China in the bottom region of the image. View
2002.219.1 Tai Chi in The Morning Dan Watts Photograph Woman dressed in blue performing Tai Chi in the street. There are other people sitting along the edge of the street. View
2002.212.1 Typhoon Shelter Dan Watts Photograph Image of colorful boats in the water, with cranes in the background and high rise buildings. View
2002.203.1 Restoration- Great Wall Dan Watts Photograph Masons working on a stone wall with arched door. View
2002.197.1 Water Taxi Dan Watts Photograph Image of a water taxi in a boat filled harbor. There are large skyscrapers in the background. View
2002.192.1 Banana Salesman Dan Watts Photograph Smiling man next to some bananas. The man is wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. The bananas are to his left. View
2002.180.1 Hong Kong City-scape 1 Dan Watts Photograph A view of Hong Kong and water way at night. View
2002.179.1 Hong Kong City-scape 2 Dan Watts Photograph View of Hong Kong at night. View

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