COVID-19 Questions & Answers for KCON Students and Faculty

In order to assist the students and faculty during the COVID-19 health crisis, a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page has been developed to address common areas of concern and general inquiries regarding the impact on the Kirkhof College of Nursing. If you have a question or concern that is not included below, please contact Lauren Homolka for undergraduate nursing programs at [email protected], Janice Aussicker for graduate nursing programs at [email protected], or Carol Rausch for graduate assistantships at [email protected] to discuss.


Where can I get information to stay informed about COVID-19?
Your health and well-being are a priority for us. We have found the following sites helpful in keeping informed about COVID-19:

What GVSU campus resources are available related to COVID-19?
GVSU Coronavirus (COVID-19) Website was created to share information and updates: website is your best source of information and President Mantella has urged the university community to consult it regularly.

What is Grand Valley doing to protect students/faculty from COVID-19 exposure when we return to campus in the fall?
As Grand Valley prepares for returning to campus, Lakers will experience the learning/work environment in a different way. We all play a part in ensuring a safe environment. As Lakers, we are expected to take these actions to care for each other. Please visit the GVSU website for more information  


How will students be notified if there is a change in their planned learning activities due to COVID-19?
Students are responsible for monitoring all of their nursing (NUR and IPE) Blackboard sites (theory and clinical) for on-going communications from faculty regarding revised learning assignments. Students must also monitor their GVSU email for faculty and KCON communications.

How will grades be handled for students who are not able to complete the course requirements due to COVID-19?
Students who are not able to complete course requirements due to non-academic reasons, such as COVID-19, may receive an incomplete grade in the course as long as the student was doing satisfactory work. This will be determined by the course faculty after review of the student’s academic progress. If this occurs, the student is expected to complete the course requirements according to the GVSU Registrar’s policy as featured at Once all course requirements are completed the course faculty will submit a change of grade form to the Registrar’s office.


If GVSU suspends courses or they move to remote delivery, does this mean clinical courses have also been suspended?
Not necessarily. Assume that the clinical experience is still in process. Students will be notified of any change by their clinical instructor or the clinical coordinator of the course. Students should monitor their emails for guidance.

Will Grand Valley provide students with personal protective equipment (PPE) when in the clinical environment?
In instances where the practice partner does not provide students with the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to safely care for patients/clients during their clinical experience, Grand Valley will provide the necessary PPE for students to use during their clinical rotation.

If a student does not feel comfortable entering the clinical environment due to certain health concerns, what should they do?
If the student is unable to continue the clinical rotation due to health concerns, they should notify their clinical faculty immediately. The clinical faculty member will notify the clinical coordinator and the clinical coordinator will notify the KCON Academic Associate Dean.

What should a student do if they don’t feel well prior to a class, laboratory, simulation, or clinical experience? 
We encourage all students who have any illness symptoms to stay home and to communicate with the professor about their situation. If their symptoms are consistent with COVID-19, they should contact their healthcare provider. The professor will work with the student in regard to the course expectations and any make-up work required.

If I was around someone recently diagnosed or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, but I feel fine  – can I attend class/clinical/lab/simulation?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends all exposed individuals quarantine themselves for 14 days. If you have been exposed to COVID-19, you should contact your healthcare provider and notify your course or clinical faculty immediately. The clinical faculty member will notify the clinical coordinator and the clinical coordinator will notify the KCON Academic Associate Dean.

How will we be protected during class/clinical/lab/simulation from COVID-19?
Students and faculty will be wearing masks while on the health campus or in the clinical setting. When appropriate, they will be wearing other personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves (i.e. when caring for patients/clients). The GVSU Simulation Center and Learning Resource Lab will provide protocols on equipment maintenance, cleaning, social distancing, and PPE.

Page last modified July 2, 2020