Certificates in Specialty Areas

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) Certificate

In response to our nation’s mental health treatment crisis, we're offering a new post-master’s certificate designed to prepare nurse practitioners to provide advanced mental health treatment to individuals with mental health disorders. PMHNPs are in high demand and uniquely qualified to fill the workforce gaps in the mental health system and have an important perspective on both the physical and mental health needs of people seeking quality care.

Courses focus on growth and development across a person’s lifespan, psychopharmacology, theories of mental health and personality, treatment modalities (individual, group, and family), and practicum experiences. 13 to 19 credits can be earned, depending on previous coursework completed.

Interprofessional Palliative and Hospice Care Certificate

Person-centered, family-oriented care should be a priority, according to the 2014 Institute of Medicine report, Dying in America. The report acknowledges the need for better palliative care education in order to meet the goal of high quality, affordable care for persons with life-limiting illness.

This post-baccalaureate interprofessional certificate is designed to prepare individuals interested in palliative and hospice care with a deep understanding of the personal, professional, economic and legal perspectives of delivering care to patients facing life-limiting disease, terminal illness and death as well as become champions for the delivery of exceptional interprofessional care. The certificate is 12 credits over 4 graduate-level courses.

Interprofessional Health Informatics Certificate

Optimal use of health information technology (HIT) is a priority for the transformation of healthcare. As healthcare systems across the nation implemented HIT in inpatient settings over the past decade, emerging HIT fields now extend beyond acute care to include population health informatics, data analytics, and telemedicine. This certificate is theory-based with an emphasis on practical application by clinicians, information technology professionals, and public health administration professionals. GVSU students interested in gaining knowledge and skills in health care informatics also will benefit from the coursework.

This graduate interprofessional certificate is designed to prepare individuals interested in gaining comprehensive knowledge and skills in the design, utilization, evaluation, and clinical processes of health informatics. The certificate can be completed in two to four semesters and provides a unique opportunity to pursue a theoretically based and practically oriented education to effectively meet the contemporary needs of health organizations and society.

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